Baptism is by appointment. Parents and Godparents must complete three preparation classes. Contact the church for more information.


Funerals are by appointment and typically held from Tuesday to Saturday. Contact the church for more information.


Congratulations. Thank you for your interest in having your wedding at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church. The following is a list of concerns on our part before we can witness your marriage in this parish.

Mr and Mrs Jean Baptiste

Please note: In the Diocese of St. Thomas, marriages take place only in a church. We are unable to accommodate requests for ceremonies in villas, on the beach, etc.

Our regulations are the same as your home diocese. This means we will accept whatever pre-marriage preparation your parish priest provides in accordance with his diocesan policy. Please discuss this with your local pastor as soon as possible, since your diocese may offer the classes on an irregular basis.

Please ask your priest if any dispensation is required.

Your local parish’s prenuptial questionnaire for marriage and any other documents, such as baptismal certificate and dispensation, along with a letter of recommendation and permission to be married outside of your parish from your local pastor, should be sent a minimum of six weeks before your wedding to:

Office of the Chancellor,
The Catholic Chancery,
P.O. Box 301825,
St. Thomas, U.S.V. I. 00803-1825

The chancellor will review your paperwork and then forward it to our rectory office on St. John.

A Virgin Islands Marriage License is required before we can perform the ceremony. You must contact the Virgin Islands Superior Court ahead of time to avoid any problems. The telephone number is 340-774-6680; web site: When you arrive in the Virgin Islands, you must go to the Superior Court to collect the documents. The building is located next to the Fort Christian parking lot on the waterfront of downtown St. Thomas.

Church fee. Call the church office.

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church may be able to give you referrals for musicians, flowers or other incidentals.

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If you wish to proceed in this matter, contact Our Lady of Mount Carmel at least six months in advance to reserve the date and time you desire to be married and the date and time of rehearsal.
If you have further questions, please feel free to contact the pastor.

Marriage Checklist

Please assure that the referenced documents arrive at the Chancery no later than six (6) weeks prior to the wedding date.

  • One completed Freedom to Marry Form from both bride and groom.
  • Two completed Freedom to Marry/Witness Forms for both bride and groom from (2) persons who know you. A priest, rabbi, minister or notary must ask the questions and witness the signatures.
  • A recent (within six months) copy of the baptismal certificate.
  • A completed ecclesiastical dispensation to marry non-Catholic or non-Christian person, if applicable.
  • A copy of the divorce, annulment or death certificate, if applicable.
  • Necessary paperwork from the Virgin Islands government.
  • Completion of a marriage preparation program.
  • A decision whether to celebrate the marriage within the Liturgy of the word or the Mass.
  • List of readings and prayers chosen for the ceremony.
  • A confirmation of the date and time of the ceremony.
  • Letter of recommendation and permission to be married outside of your parish from your local pastor.
  • If the wedding will be ministered by a priest or deacon from outside the Diocese of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, he must receive faculties from our bishop. Please have him request a "Request for Faculties Form" from our parish secretary or the chancery office in advance of the wedding.

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